A beautifully grown and maintained landscape is a homeowners delight. A great deal of value can be added to your home with a healthy tree and shrub-scape. There are many things that can affect the health and appearance of your landscape plants that an Arborist can help diagnose and treat. What seems to be affecting your trees and shrubs can sometimes be secondary or tertiary effects to other primary conditions. As the climate here in the Sonoran Desert continues to get hotter and drier, different stresses affect how plants perform. A healthy tree or shrub is the best defense against fungi, bacteria, insect pests and underperformance. Some important warning signs to watch for include:

• Unusual growths
• Holes in tree bark, leaves, or branches
• Lack of fruit or flowers
• Oozing Sap
• Dead branches
• Wilting leaves or distortion of leaf size, color, or shape
• Visible Insects

If you are concerned about the health of your tree or notice any of the signs listed above, give Branching Out Tree Service a call immediately. Early detection of illness or infestation provides the best chance of saving your tree and reducing future damage.

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tree diseases
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