Often times tree branches grow in a way that their physical structure may not be adequately supporting them. This can lead to a dangerous structural failure, especially in high winds or storms. However, a weakness in the tree does not necessarily mean that it must be removed or have major limbs taken. Always seek help from a qualified arborist to inspect your trees and determine if supplemental support would be beneficial. A system of cabling and brace rods can be used in some cases to preserve the integrity of your tree and reduce the risk of property damage or injury. In this process, flexible cables made of extra strength steel are attached to the tree using bolts. The cables are installed in the upper crown and serve to limit the movement of limbs and redistribute weight in order to prevent breaks. Braces are rigid thread rods used in addition to cables and are typically placed lower in the crown. Rods reduce the risk of tree leaders spreading apart from each other or splitting. Tree cabling and bracing hardware must be inspected periodically by a professional arborist to check for signs of corrosion, excessive wear, and other types of degradation.

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