Tree trimming in Tucson makes trees look better aesthetically but also helps promote healthy growth. Properly trimmed trees will redirect nutrients from less sustainable branches towards the ones that are most likely to thrive. Without proper trimming, trees will struggle to keep branches alive that are dying. This will deprive flourishing branches of critical nutrients. Another term that is less commonly mentioned when it comes to tree trimming in Tucson is “tree lacing”. Lacing is the process of trimming and removing about 20 to 25 percent of a tree’s branches. This method creates an appearance that closely resembles lace fabric thus giving it the name “Tree Lacing”. Pruning is similar to trimming, but there are some important differences. While trimming (or thinning) is done mostly to improve the appearance of a tree, pruning goes a step further. Pruning is often critical tree maintenance such as the removal of diseased, damaged, or hazardous limbs and branches. Powerline and building clearance is another form of pruning that is necessary for safety reasons. Trimming and pruning your tree also allows proper airflow and light filtration through the foliage, improving overall tree health and reducing the risk of damage during heavy winds.

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